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1607 Records

Karnberg 14
A – 9556 Liebenfels, Carinthia

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Photograph  © Theresa Pewal in the castle  Schloss Pöckstein

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A wonderful project bringing joyful tears into your eyes: favola in musica by Maria Weiss.

Bernhard KernsCEO of "Hello Stage"

Favola in musica asks you to make time for dreams. The late-Gothic church on the Magdalensberg served as the recording location for the musical works, smoothly bringing together opposites such as early and new music. Maria Weiss journeys effortlessly through the centuries with a flawlessly precise and expressive mezzosoprano voice.

Margit HubmannDie Brücke | Cultural Magazine

But, above all, the mezzosoprano voice of Maria Weiss floats brightly and nimbly. It almost seems as if the pieces were composed for her. The amazing clarity of the music is surely also down to Jonas Niederstadt, sound engineer and label boss of Carpe Diem Records, who recorded the pieces in the Saint Magdalene’s Church in Carinthia. (…) “favola in musica. early new music” is the convincing debut album of Maria Weiss. Great musicians, a good selection of works, brilliant recordings and a booklet like no other. Highly recommendable!

Ingo AndruschekitschMusik an sich

. Listening to such distinguished musicians as Maria Weiss, Rosario Conte and Gyöngy Erödi (…) is pure luxury. Their rich expressive quality is convincing but also a lot more. We are talking here about musicians with a high degree of understanding and coordination, who participate in a fruitful dialogue and bring about a flawless acoustic equilibrium.

Carmen MiróSonograma Magazine| Spanish Music Magazine
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1607 Records

Karnberg 14
9556 Liebenfels
Kärnten, AUSTRIA

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