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Photography © Theresa Pewal in the castle Schloss Pöckstein
How Our First Album Was Received

The interpretations set out to make up for the differences in eras, to make all the arias sound radiant and vigorous, regardless of their period of origin.

Quality of recording, as well as subtlety of interpretation make Maria Weiss’ album one of the most beautiful new releases of early music this year. Our congratulations!

Radio Ö1Helmut Jasbar when awarding the album with Ö1 Pasticcio Prize

Who we are

The responsibility of the artist is not to give answers. It is to ask questions.
Robert Wilson

Photography © Theresa Pewal in the castle Schloss Pöckstein

“1607 Records” was founded in 2013.

1607 Records

is a label for early & new music creating exclusively, limited, well researched and special productions of the "1607. ensemble for early & new music".

Photography © Theresa Pewal in the castle Schloss Pöckstein


Pivotal events in history have repercussions, which are like large circles drawn with a compass on paper. Such a pivotal event took place on 24 February 1607.

The performance of “L’Orfeo” in the Sala dei Fiumi at the Palazzo Ducale in Mantua went down in music history. Like a key that unlocks, this work has opened doors to new musical worlds. Here, the traditional “primar practica” and the modern “seconda practica” are brought to perfection.

See Our Story

Our cross-divisional CD productions are intended as a journey that leads to special places and is about


creating artistical products of lasting quality in interpretation, design and also the material realization.

Our aim is to ask creative questions:

How big is the division between the diametrically opposed positions?
Are they closer together than we may think?
What happens when they come into contact and intersect like two circles?

Early ‚New’ Music: Never heard of today’s ear’s.
New ‚Early’ Music: Contemporary works, inspired by the early Masters.

World Premiere Recordings

of early & new music

profoundly researched and excellent

musical interpretations

producing long lasting

& high quality editions

environmental friendly


visual story


well researched musicology analysis

told in a easily understandable and thrilling way

Our Aim: Non quantity but quality

in long lasting, cross over productions telling stories through the way we have research and read the music - respecting and honoring our composers, creating cross over CD productions accompanied by books, visual story telling hoping to inspire our listeners and readers.

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1607 Records

Karnberg 14
9556 Liebenfels
Kärnten, AUSTRIA

T: +43 699 12098703